Last week, I started to work with a brand new laptop: a Mac Book Pro running Yosemite. In this post, I’m going to enumerate the minimun set of tools I need to start to write code in a comfortable way. This setup is mainly focused on Ruby/Rails web projects.

Hopefully, next time I have to bootstrap a new dev machine, I’ll be able to follow this steps and save some time.

  • Package manager: Homebrew
  • CVS (Control Version System): Git
  • My VIM, Bash, Git configuration files: dotfiles, and its prerequisites
  • Gems manager: Bundle: bundler
  • Makes shims aware of bundle installation paths: rbenv-bundle
  • Homebrew system duplicates: homebrew/dupes
  • Apple development tools: Xcode
  • C development libraries: libxml2, libxslt, libiconv

And that’s it, my laptop is ready to work.